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Adare, Co. Limerick, Ireland. Email  Tel  069/68202  Cell  087/6525687 (Prefix 00353 from outside Ireland)     Skype paddy.dunworth

SMS Texting  : If you are using an Irish mobile phone then just text me on 087/6525687 or using a US Cellphone 011353876525687

Please let us know how much fly-fishing you've done as this helps in planning locations for your day. Fly-fishing a couple of days a year does not count as experienced and there's a massive difference between basic entry-level flyfishing with wetfly or nymph across and downstream as against the more advanced casting a dry-fly or nymph upstream whilst wading, gathering line as it comes back and shooting that line again. A proficiency with upstream fly-fishing is pretty desirable especially in summer levels when rivers are low, clear and weeded. Our rivers are wild so a certain level of fitness and wading skills are desirable. Don't worry if you're a beginner or improver just don't be shy in letting us know, I've helped many with their flycasting and  instruction is free as part of my guiding service .


Please be realistic about your skill level. (PS See also related info 'Can We Go as A Group' below)

22 years guiding experience has taught me that the vast majority of clients totally underestimate how wild our locations are, and that  advanced fly-fishing skills are needed, so please consider this, particularly where novice, elderly or infirm anglers are involved.

Our rivers are natural so along with fly-fishing skills a level of fitness and wading skills are desirable also.

Fly-fishing experience?

I've had go-betweens try to organise the fishing arrangements for their clients/partners/sons/dads, there's a wide range of information I need to help make their day an enjoyable one, so please please have the fisherperson make contact. Advance booking very advisable to avoid disappointment, lately I have taken short-notice bookings but I need at least 24 hrs notice, the best days are with folk who have booked well in advance, we've exchanged many emails and built up a rapport, and I can best plan their day armed with such info as clients flyfishing experience, wishes, expectations, limitations, ages etc etc. I normally don't ask for a deposit so it costs you nothing to provisionally reserve a day, you can confirm or not as your travel plans develop. 

What are the best Seasons - Time of year?

Mar-Sept would be our busiest period as this is the open season for Trout and  (Apr 1st - Sept 30th)

Brown Trout fishing more consistent as they are in the rivers all the time, given the choice I would plump for May or June, water levels are usually good, weeds not yet present, Mayfly is up etc. etc. Please be aware that from July on our rivers do get low and weeded and upstream fly-fishing is a must, so advanced skills required. Those lacking these skills should opt for a half rather than full day perhaps.

Our trout rivers are comparatively small but wild, early months (Mar/Apr) would see good water levels, little weed and cooler temperatures. Fly fishing really comes into it's own in April/May and can be good right through to end of season (September 30th).

For more up-to-date weather for Adare area of Ireland see

What might I expect to fish for?

(Subject to Seasonal factors/water levels etc.)

Due to  the closure of many salmon rivers plus declining salmon runs I now limit my guiding to fly-fishing for native Brown Trout.

Left to right - R. Maigue Brown Trout , R. Feale Atlantic Salmon , R. Allaughan Sea-Trout, Shannon Estuary Sea-Bass, Glasha Lake Rainbow Trout , R. Shannon Pike

                                                                                                                      (All fish taken on fly by Paddy)

What should I bring with me?

Just a rainproof  jacket. We supply Rods/Reels, 4-wh-drive transport,wet gear (incl waders), we also supply packed lunches, drinks, photos, Instruction, permits, licences etc.

Our fly-rods are mainly fast action 9ft, 6wt rods by TFO of Dallas and our reels are top of the range by Ross Reels of Colorado.

We have over 40 fly outfits but feel free to bring your own gear although this does not alter our rates.

We supply nylon/rubber chest/waist waders but bring breathable waders if you wish and we'll supply the heavier/bulkier wading boots.

Can we go as a group?

Often an angler will encourage other non-fisher or inexperienced members of his group to tag along and in such cases the group as a whole will be treated as beginners. For various reasons, not least of all health and safety I will not guide inexperienced people to wild locations. 4 anglers maximum to an outing, this to ensure Paddy can deliver personal attention.

22 years guiding experience tells me that the vast majority of my clients totally underestimate just how wild our locations are

so please take note and be realistic when considering this, particularly where novice, elderly or infirm anglers are concerned.

Lady Fly-fishers always welcome, more and more ladies are taking up fly-fishing, very chic and a great way to enjoy the outdoors.

Can I hire flyfishing equipment if I want to go it alone?

Yes, we offer a hire service, see

The Fish?

As a tribute to those wild beauties that give us such sport we release 99% of our catch, keeping but an odd fish for the 'table'.


All our clients are covered by Public Liability Insurance and Travel Insurance whilst with Celtic Angling.

Automatically inflating life-jackets provided when fishing for Sea-Bass or on request when river fishing.


We collect/drop clients from/to Hotel/Guesthouse if in or near Adare, or rendezvous with clients in Car Park at rear of Heritage Centre/Tourist Office in centre of Adare village. Clients may follow in their own transport if they wish, indeed, this is sometimes necessary with larger groups. Most fishing locations we use are 10-30mins from Adare. If collection from Limerick city is required then the round-trip time is included in the fishing day.

When Emailing Me

Please include your cellphone , some of my email replies were not getting back to some clients recently (Inbox full or other) and they thought I was ignoring them, not so, for some reason their email provider was rejecting my return mail  unbeknownst to the client. I can send an SMS message to that effect if I have a cell number.

If you are using an Irish mobile phone then just text me on 087/6525687 or using a US Cellphone 011353876525687 (Especially if you suspect I've not received your email.  

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